Live Review, 4/10/12: Train at Cafe Du Nord: Seven Good Things About the Band's Intimate Return to S.F.

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Train at Cafe Du Nord last night.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Cafe Du Nord

Better than: The Train show you are imagining.

Having said pretty much every mean thing that could be honestly said about Train -- and having believed every word of it -- let us now say this: Train played a small, sold-out show at Cafe Du Nord last night, and it was not completely terrible.

It was not "good," either, if "good" is to mean exciting, challenging, intriguing, adventurous, or resembling anything other than tepid, steam-cleaned pop-rock. The band's songs are still soaked through with agonizing cliches, flabbergastingly lazy rhyme schemes, and ripped-off choruses. That wasn't gonna change. But if by "good" we mean competent, professional, humanizing, and satisfying to the intended audience, then Train's show last night -- the first of a week-long charm offensive in which the band will play small San Francisco clubs to promote new album California 37 -- was undoubtedly a success.

Since we've spent so much time being negative about Train, let's do the opposite this time. Here are seven things about last night's show that were -- ah, we're struggling to say this! -- good.


7. Patrick Monahan's self-deprecation
We aren't being snarky here: On this small stage and in this small room, Train was able to seem far more human than it does when one of its songs is being pummeled into your head for the fortieth time that week. This was in large part due to Monahan's self-deprecation behind the mic: He began by mocking his inability to remember song lyrics, and continued chastising himself for that all through the show. We're also going to go ahead and assume that he was only belittling his own brain power when, after a fan announced that she'd traveled from Sri Lanka to be here, Monahan said, "Sri Lanka? Is that a place? I thought that was a drink!" And later, mentioning his affection for Cafe Du Nord's modest stage, Monahan quipped, "This is where I learned how to be an asshole." The next thing on your agenda, Train, should be a Funny or Die video.


6. The band merch
Okay, so the Train shirt stylized like an S.F. Giants tee will make some of the baseball club's fans livid. But A), the team deserves that for having Train play its season opener last year; and B), also for sale was a postcard-poster celebrating this week's intimate shows with art-deco-style images of local venues that were, we have to admit, really cool-looking.


5. The crowd
Unless you are made purely out of cynicism, watching people bask in the live presence of music they love is always fun. Last night, Cafe Du Nord was sold-out -- although not terribly full-seeming -- with lots of middle-aged ladies who were ready to get down to Train. Screw that it's Tuesday night: After a few cocktails, the fans started twirling around, playing air drums, shouting every word, and generally behaving as if this was the best, wildest time they'd had in decades. Which it very well could have been. Good for them.

4. Patrick Monahan's sax playing
The skinny dude at the helm of the Train can deliver some panty-dropping soul from the ol' tenor sax, as he demonstrated on a couple of songs last night. It was like KFOG had a jam session with KKSF. We had no idea he could do this. (Maybe because the band's songs -- at least the ones that going out in public forces us to hear -- are always lurching from overly wordy verse to infantile chorus, leaving no time for instrumental breaks.)

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Well, at least your personal bias and agenda is obvious in your post.  I was at the show.  I stood in front of you actually.  I, like you, was granted a spot on the list for my work with the band and like you, I'm not a fan of Train.  BUT I thoroughly enjoyed the show and thought Pat and the entire band played a great show.  It was fun, seemed genuine and I felt like part of an exclusive club to be there.  Chin up, Mr. Port.  We're all in this together and we're doing alright. Thank you, Train for treating us with these shows!  


It read like a review of Pat rather than a review of TRAIN. Oh well. 


I agree with their publicist.  Why would you want to go and sit through a show, listening to a band that you clearly don't like or respect.  I was at the show and thoroughly enjoyed my time.  I found your review to be patronizing (at best).  Not only to TRAIN, but to all of those "middle-aged" women who wanted to "get down".

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