Hey, Coachella Fans: Top Five Signs You're An Aging Hipster

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Aging hipsters -- the very same people Coachella targeted when it began holding the music fest in Indio -- are usually easy to spot on the Empire Polo Fields. They're the ones who can't be bothered to walk over to Gobi and check out a new band because "It's too hot!" (or, in Friday's case, "It's too cold!"). They're the ones who weren't interested in At the Drive In's set because they were too old when Vaya first came out. They make disparaging remarks about everyone else's outfits ('What the fuck is that flower contraption on that girl's head?"). If you think we're talking about you, check out our list after the jump.

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Lilledeshan Bose

5. You hold on to one rebellious fashion statement from your youth. (it doesn't hurt that your 20-year-old Nirvana shirt proves you were there and you heard of them first.)

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Lilledeshan Bose

4. You brought your kids with you to watch Mazzy Star.

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Nanette Gonzales/LA Weekly
3. You're not at the Sahara Tent.

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Ehhhrrr, electro house....


Well, the wearer of that dubstep offends me.  Just plain unattractive.  And just what is their issue with techno house?

Phani Kumar
Phani Kumar

For the ones interested in Coachella, I am giving you a linkto an unofficial guide book that they're selling on Smashwords:http://www.smashwords.com/book.... I wish I could make it to thefestival this year! 

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