Axl Rose Is Batshit: His Top Five Craziest Moments


You may have noticed in the last couple of weeks that Axl Rose is running amok all over the press again (it's been a while, Axl, thanks for coming back to us). Not only have there been reports that -- try not to vomit on your keyboards -- he's dating Lana Del Rey (so, so wrong on so many levels we don't even know where to start with that one), but now he's questioning the validity of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame... after it decided it wanted to induct Guns N' Roses. Say what you like about Mr. Rose, we never know what he's gonna do next. Here are the top five craziest moments of his career.

5. Hanging Out With Lana Del Rey


I mean, didn't he see Saturday Night Live?!

4. The Amazing Results of Not Having a Filter


When asked about whether or not he was a homophobe, by Interview magazine in 1992, he responded with the following: "Well, a lot of people have used the word "faggot," and they're not getting told they're homophobic. [Really, dude?] But, homophobia? Okay I'll repeat myself -- this is something that l just said in Rolling Stone. I don't know, maybe l have a problem with homophobia. Maybe l was two years old and got fucked in the ass by my dad and it's caused a problem ever since, but other than that, l don't know if I have any homophobia. How was that?"

Well, we're speechless!

3. All that Magical, Spirit-Warrior Shit

gnr book.jpg

At the end of Use Your Illusion II track "Get in the Ring", you'll hear Axl threaten a guy named Mick Wall -- then a journalist for British rock magazine, Kerrang!. Wall was clearly inspired by the shout out, because he went on to write a whole bunch of books about Guns N' Roses and Axl. As such, he's now the go-to guy for GN'R insider stuff. In 2008, he talked to Wired about the psychology of Axl Rose and revealed the following fun facts about the eccentric singer: "[Axl] told Erin [Everly, his ex-wife] that in a previous life they'd lived as Native Americans on an Indian camp..." and "There was a personal assistant that his guru told him had lived 50,000 previous lives in which she tried to kill him [Axl], so he fired her. I mean he's into some really crazy shit." We concur.

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