How To Not Piss Off Tyga at His S.F. Show

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Mug shot
Don't taunt the Tyga.
​Los Angeles rapper Tyga's March 19 concert in Omaha, Nebraska didn't end well -- after the show, there was a shootout. The rapper told XXL that a local act was mad because Tyga wouldn't let the group open up for him on the spur of the moment, and that the locals started throwing debris on the stage during his performance. But, judging from a video (which you can watch after the jump), the rapper's aggressive behavior may have escalated the incident. "On some real shit, you can meet me outside!" Tyga screamed at them from onstage. "I'ma do this one more motherfuckin' song for my fans and then I'ma go outside."

After the show, Tyga and crew were followed in their van by a black sedan that fired shots, hitting Tyga associates Honey Cocaine (an Asian female rapper) in the arm and Derrick Lowe in the hip.

The Young Money MC plans to stop in San Francisco tomorrow night (March 29) for a show at the Warfield. And since it's apparently not clear to everyone how to get through a Tyga show safely, we've got some helpful advice on how to make sure there isn't a repeat of what happened in Omaha.

1. Don't ask where to find Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj.

If they were coming, they'd be overshadowing the poor guy. And the show would be somewhere larger than the Warfield.

2. Understand that there might be a deeper meaning to his album title.

The joint is called Careless World, which might be a life philosophy for the dude. So watch yourself.

3. Avoid making comments about what he's wearing.

Tyga managed to survive wearing Dodgers gear in the Bay for Drake's video for "The Motto," and while he hasn't taken to wearing the leopard-print jeggings or lime-green Uggs that his label boss Lil Wayne loves to rock, he's still probably going to be pretty sensitive about his sartorial selection.

4. Refrain from throwing things at the Tyga.

San Franciscans have hopefully already learned this lesson from the mauling deaths at the San Francisco Zoo in 2007. Tatiana the Tiger didn't play, and neither does Tyga the rapper.

5. Don't ask to open for him.

Maybe this is obvious, but it is the straw that broke the Tyga's back in Omaha, so it'd be sensible to not repeat it here. But who randomly asks to open for a major Billboard-charting artist on the day of a show, anyway?

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Man forget who ever it was that tried to mess with my bby tyga he got dem goons and dey really aint want it anyways wtf !

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