Train Announces One-of-a-Kind Free Performance in S.F. This Weekend

The Train arrives this Sunday!

Wildly successful S.F. pop-rock band Train just announced* a very unusual addition to its upcoming week of intimate club shows here in the city.

As a special promotion for its new album, California 37, the band will be performing in exactly 37 different places around San Francisco this Sunday. But although the performances will be live, they won't be seen in person. Instead, the so-called "37 Concert" will be streamed simultaneously through the intercom and public address systems of local businesses such as cafes, major food markets, department stores, and chain restaurants. A statement released by the band hints that the set will feature select songs from the band's new album, as well as Train classics like "Save Me, San Francisco," "Hey, Soul Sister," and "Drops of Jupiter."

"Train fans have long told us that they first heard the band while doing their grocery shopping, waiting at their doctor's office, or eating at restaurants like Chevy's," Train singer Patrick Monahan said in the statement. "Since we view our upcoming album as a sort of return to Train's roots, we thought it would be cool to perform in the places where people have grown very accustomed to listening to our music."

The band will perform live for the performance, albeit from an S.F. studio equipped for live broadcast. The signal will then be carried to 37 different locations around San Francisco -- the specifics of which will be unveiled only the morning before the concert.

"We'll be keeping the locations under wraps until a few hours before the actual broadcast, in order to keep undue hordes from gathering to hear the show," Monahan said in the statement. "We want to keep it a surprise -- just like the delight people feel when a Train song unexpectedly comes on during their day."

The 37 Concert precedes a week during which Train will play live at small S.F. venues like Cafe Du Nord, Great American Music Hall, and the Independent. It's set to take place this Sunday, *April 1, at 2 p.m. Participating locations will be announced on the band's website Sunday at 10 a.m.

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That isn't "delight" that I feel when a Train song comes on Mr. Monahan. 


I have a Train tattoo on my taint. 


I pray that I don't accidentally walk into a Train concert on Sunday.

Alan Scherstuhl
Alan Scherstuhl

Every sentence in this post should open with the words "For some reason ... "

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