The Hunger Games Soundtrack: Five Things You Need to Know

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As you may have gathered from all the relentless hype and advertising and media anticipation, The Hunger Games movie is finally out today. And, yes, despite our vaguely dismissive tone, we're actually thoroughly excited about the whole thing. Especially since Rolling Stone just told us to "relax" because "Hollywood didn't screw up the film version." Huzzah! But, you may be wondering, how is the darn soundtrack? Here are five things you should know about it.

1. It's Got Taylor Swift.

This is either a really great thing or a fucking annoying one, depending on your perspective. Swift contributes "Eyes Open," which has all the vaguely uplifting drama you'd expect from any movie soundtrack geared towards teenagers. But, fear not, anti-Swifts, for her other contribution, "Safe and Sound," is a collaboration with The Civil Wars who are all kinds of awesome (the duo also have "Kingdom Come" on the soundtrack -- a folksy slice of woe, if ever we've heard one). Both Swift and The Civil Wars have a handy knack for writing heartfelt emotional balladry -- which is just what we need to soundtrack a post-apocalyptic tale of teenagers being forced to annihilate each other against their wills. (Actually, it's a bit boring, all things considered.)    

2. It's got Arcade Fire on it, too.

But not the good kind of Arcade Fire. No. This is the kind of Arcade Fire that doesn't work outside of the context of a really dark movie about overlords and underdogs and grim struggle. Seriously. Listen to "Abraham's Daughter." Is it super appropriate for this movie? Yes. But does it sound like something you'd ever choose to listen to in any scenario outside of a movie theater? No, it doesn't. And if any of you say you'd listen to this during your morning commute, or over dinner, or walking the dog, you're lying. Next!

3. Yay! There's Badassery!

Kid Cudi's "The Ruler and the Killer" makes us want to crawl through the woods with mud on our faces and cuts on our legs, wielding a bow and arrow like our lives depended on it. Which we're pretty sure was the goal of the thing. So, well done, Cudi. Similarly, Glen Hansard's "Take the Heartland" is the unhinged, raucous kick in the balls that this soundtrack so desperately needed. Thank the lord it's there.  

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Chuck Brown
Chuck Brown

Hi,       This is great. The Hunger Games has been my summer reading for two years now. I am truly hoping the Hunger Games movie  will be as good as the books. I am most interested in seeing the costumes designed by Cinna. Thanks for sharing this post.

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