Taylor Momsen's The Pretty Reckless: The 7 Types of People Who Will Go See Them in San Francisco Tonight

18-year-old Taylor Momsen, TV star and singer for The Pretty Reckless. (This is the band's Facebook profile photo.)
Tonight, ever-controversial rock 'n' rollers The Pretty Reckless are playing Bottom of the Hill. Say what you will about this quartet and its 18-year-old singer, Taylor Momsen -- they attract an audience way more diverse than most. In case you head down to Bottom of the Hill for the former Gossip Girl actress' band tonight, here's a round-up of the seven types of people you should expect to find there.

1. Fucked Up Teenage Girls

Or at the very least, teenage girls who think it's glamorous and interesting to be look fucked up and/or dress like underage hookers. Like this:

taylor mom.jpg

There hasn't been a teen this consistently inappropriately dressed since Christina Aguilera was rolling around in oil, wearing nothing but bikinis and chaps, and thrusting at everyone and everything in her general vicinity. Momsen's whole approach to teenage whore-dom (to name check a Hole song) is much darker. She looks like a girl Marilyn Manson would roll around with in one of his sexy videos -- and there are plenty of girls who aspire to do such things. Tonight, the teens who aspire to be dark and sexy and inappropriate will be out in droves. Try not to stare at their bras and garter belts -- it only encourages them.

2. People Who Like Their Rock Straightforward

We really hate to admit this, and yes, it doesn't happen often, but occasionally The Pretty Reckless write a song with a killer chorus. Go ahead, hit play on "Miss Nothing." It starts out exactly as you'd imagine -- totally obvious, a bit cringe-worthy... and then the chorus hits. Sure, it ain't gonna change the world, but think of it this way: if Juliette Lewis put this out, we'd all think it was fine.

3. Gossip Girl Fans
Jenny H.jpg

Among all the darkness and lunacy and underwear modeling of the evening will be an altogether more wholesome corner of fan-dom: people who watch Gossip Girl. Taylor Momsen was, of course, a key character on the show for four seasons (and yes, that really is her in the photo above). This means, of course, anyone local who is super into overprivileged teen girl melodrama will likely come out to see Momsen tonight. Not that she's even recognizable as her character, Jenny Humphrey, anymore. When Momsen (rather bravely) left the series, she really departed. In more ways than one.

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Bottom of the Hill

1233 17th St., San Francisco, CA

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I think she's perfectly fine. The only reason you don't like the changes is probably just because it's a little bit different and it's not something you're used to.


# 8. The Parlor Mob will be opening up for them.

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