Roach Gigz's "Wasabi" Video: The Sake-Swilling, Broke-Ass Funnyman of S.F. Rap Has Arrived

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Roach Gigz puttin' out the heat with some sake.

After years of releasing mixtapes -- most of them excellent -- S.F. rapper Roach Gigz is finally putting out a for-real debut album this summer entitled Bugged Out. "Wasabi" is the first single from album, a typical C-Loz-produced Gigz banger that brags about the man's broke-ness, pale skin, preference for dipping pizza in ranch, and being "hotter than wasabi." The song is merely good by Gigz standards -- as with most of his stuff, it's grin-inducing-funny, although he seems to have slowed up and toned down the acrobatics of his rubbery rhymes a bit. (Maybe so people can understand what the nasal-voiced rapper is saying on the first listen?)

But, well, the video: Directed by Aris Jerome, it has Gigz bouncing around even more notable S.F. locales than usual (even wearing tie-dye in the Haight), dancing in the club, and pulling on a hookah with a bevy of smiling ladies. It's a for-real video for a for-real single. Also, is this the first rap song to feature sake as the intoxicating liquid of choice? We hope it is. And with requisite Mac Dre shout-out included, this is clip very Bay (and damn well it should be). Watch Gigz's new "Wasabi" video after the jump and see why we love this guy.

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