Rick Santorum, 1967 Otis Redding Knows More About Education Than You Do

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"That guy in the sweater said what?"
Sunday ad-circular vest model Rick Santorum is going around the country arguing that pretty much every new feature that America has developed since 1950 is in fact a bug that Quality Assurance should have stomped out. This weekend, though, he reached back even further in time to find better days: Instead of just taking on newfangled ideas like contraception, pre-natal testing, and whether or not black  "blah" people are any good at anything, Sanotrum is contesting the very idea of going to school:

Eat shit, G.I. Bill! Santorum claims that President Obama has said that all Americans should go to college so that all Americans will be indoctrinated by liberal college professors so that all Americans will be elitist snobs who hate Jesus and sweater vests and women having direct control of the contents of their vaginas. This is a serious candidate for president.

We could point out that Obama actually said that all Americans should have a year of higher education or career training, but there's no point in generating fresh arguments against such nonsense because this argument -- like the contraception argument -- was settled full generations ago. In fact, in 1967 Otis Redding followed James Brown, Brenda Holloway in stating -- with consumate soulfulness -- yet another one of those truths that all reasonable Americans believe in but some prominent Republicans are actually assailing: Stay in school.

 Was Otis Redding a snob, Rick? 

 We did this same kind of thing last week or so with a post titled "Rick Santorum, 1975 Loretta Lynn Has Something to Say to You." 

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