Help S.F. Band Dominant Legs Recover Their Stolen Gear (and Lucky Giants Sweatshirt)

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Dominant Legs without their gear, which is pretty much the situation they're in now.

One of our favorite local guitar-pop bands, Dominant Legs, is on tour now with Eleanor Friedberger. Unfortunately, on Wednesday, while the band was in Portland, a large amount of musical instruments, computer equipment, and clothes -- including frontman Ryan Lynch's lucky '87 S.F. Giants sweatshirt -- was stolen out of its tour van.

In an email, Lynch tells us the van was broken into while parked at 6th and Ash in Portland. He says the bandmembers were only a block away, for an hour, while the break-in occurred.

Bands have been known to recover their stolen gear before, so in the spirit of helping one of our local artists, we've got a full list of all the stolen gear after the jump. If you have any info on where their gear might be, please email Dominant Legs.

Here's the stolen stuff:

- Brand-new Fender Stratocaster (Olympic White)
- Mexican Fender Telecaster (Natural Ash woodgrain)
- Ovation Magnum 2 bass guitar (crack in headstock)
- Three bags with two Macintosh laptops, one iPad, and various clothes (including the lucky Giants sweatshirt.

If you have any info on these items, once again, please email the band. We wish them luck.

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these dudes are dicks and their music is the worst! still sucks though.


Jaysus H. Krist, when will bands learn NOT to leave their gear unoccupied for a moment.  An hour is a lifetimes for thieves.

I have head of bands parking in front of a club, going inside to see if they can load in, coming back 5-10 minutes later to find their van broken into.

If your gear means anything to you, never ever leave it unattended.

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