Colleen Green's "Goldmine" Has a Cheap, Musty Charm

Thee Colleen Green

No, Colleen Green is not Oakland's* Best Coast. Well, maybe she is, kind of. "Goldmine," the lead single off today's Milo Goes to Compton, is two-and-a-half-minutes of rough-hewn bedroom guitar pop built on a cheesy drum machine and draped with an even cheesier synth melody. There are about three layers of Green's sweet, smooth voice on top, singing in hazy melodies about a person she can't help but like. Between the sunglasses, the three chords and three chords only, and the stoner references (hey, @ColleenGreen420), this is starting to sound kind of familiar, isn't it? All we need is a cleverly named cat...


Well, don't get too comfortable. A cursory tour through Milo's eight songs will reveal just a bit more musical variety than Crazy For You, and maybe a bit less poise, too. It's weirder and more unpredictable than Best Coast, and we like that. "Goldmine," the song we have for you below, is on the straightforward side of things, but it's still a charming listen. More await on today's release.

MP3: Colleen Green -- "Goldmine"

*Is she based in Oakland? Various sources say so, but Green's Twitter shouts out West L.A., and her Facebook says Boston.

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