Top 10 Songs Pulp MUST Play at its San Francisco Show on April 17

3. "Disco 2000"

The impending new millennium inspired some classic pop in the 1980's and 1990's, but "Disco 2000" is the definitive Y2K nostalgia trip.

2. "This Is Hardcore"

Midlife crises often ruin the credibility of beloved musicians. For Pulp, the band's second to last full-length found Jarvis Cocker reacting to his youthful debauchery with twisted and compelling lyrics grappling with moral corruption and the tolls of excess. To highlight the band's versatility, perhaps they should play this after "Common People?"

1. "Common People"

This isn't an unreasonable request. At first exposure, many listeners wish Jarvis Cocker was singing this song to them -- but upon closer inspection of the lyrics, it's not so flattering to be the recipient of these sentiments. Still, we're charmed. Also, we demand particular dance moves from video, particularly the eyeball-within-fingers number at the beginning, and the circular clapping motion around 3:10. Make it happen, Jarvis!

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Warfield Theatre

982 Market, San Francisco, CA

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Pulp weren't even playing Countdown in 1996.  Would like to see more His n Hers tracks on the set list (Lipgloss, Have you seen her lately, Acrylic Afternoons, etc.).


Well, having seen both NYC shows, you'll get a decent smattering of those, but may be sorely disappointed in the VERY Different Class heavy playlist. Sadly missing, IMHO, was My Legendary Girlfriend. Still, it's a GREAT show. They look and sound fabulous. No one will be disappointed. 

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