Top 10 Songs Pulp MUST Play at its San Francisco Show on April 17

6. "Razzmatazz"

Nearly every song on this list vies for the "Most Syrupy Chorus Hook" title, but "Razzmatazz" follows the hooks with a bridge that builds excruciating tension before a sublime refrain.

5. "The Fear"

With such a diverse catalog that represents so many moods, we expect a varied set from Pulp. So basically, we want to feverishly emulate Jarvis Cocker's hip gyrations one song and then be tore down by an epic ode to abject hopelessness like "The Fear" immediately afterward.

4. "Do You Remember the First Time?"

Well, I remember the first time I heard this song, at least. My friend's hip older sister played it for us on the way to a Casualties concert. Later, I discreetly asked her to make me a copy of His N Hers. I had to hide it behind my Black Flag LPs, but I've welcomed the full spectrum of pop music ever since, and encourage readers to do the same.

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Warfield Theatre

982 Market, San Francisco, CA

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Pulp weren't even playing Countdown in 1996.  Would like to see more His n Hers tracks on the set list (Lipgloss, Have you seen her lately, Acrylic Afternoons, etc.).


Well, having seen both NYC shows, you'll get a decent smattering of those, but may be sorely disappointed in the VERY Different Class heavy playlist. Sadly missing, IMHO, was My Legendary Girlfriend. Still, it's a GREAT show. They look and sound fabulous. No one will be disappointed. 

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