Top 10 Songs Pulp MUST Play at its San Francisco Show on April 17


Yesterday, Pulp put a layer of sweet, creamy frosting down on the cake of Fauxchella -- the NorCal version of Coachella, where all the giant festival's best bands play in local venues -- by announcing a hugely hoped-for San Francisco show at the Warfield on April 17. (Besides New York City, it's the only non-Coachella show the reunited Britpop faves are so far scheduled to play in the U.S. this year.) Since this will be the Pulp's first San Francisco show since 1996 (!), we thought Jarvis Cocker and co. might appreciate a quick reminder about how to please a Bay Area crowd. So here, we've assembled a list of 10 songs that Pulp absolutely must play in San Francisco at the Warfield on April 17. Here, then, is our list; feel free to put yours in the comments.

10. "Lipgloss"

This song's glam-derived pop and keyboard dawdling reveals influences that are much more relevant now than in the early '90s. To acknowledge Pulp as the original proponent of backwards-looking pop is crucial. If only contemporary bands could inject their pastiche with such impeccable grace.

9. "Don't You Want Me Anymore?"

The torturous disappointment emanating from Cocker's lyrics in this song has undoubtedly elicited intense sympathy from it's listeners over the past 20 years -- but if Pulp perform this live, the Warfield crowd's giddy reaction should inspire another decade of positivity from Cocker and Co.

8. "Countdown"

Naturally, we want to dance, but we want to watch Jarvis Cocker dance even more, and I want to watch him dance to "Countdown." When he does, the shaken sexuality from every straight male in the audience will make the Warfield shudder.

7. "Babies"

Glossy Twee pop may be difficult for some rockers to swallow, but "Babies" manages to paradoxically inspire the most stalwart tough guys. Even mainlining Black Sabbath doesn't evoke this much anthemic triumph.

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Pulp weren't even playing Countdown in 1996.  Would like to see more His n Hers tracks on the set list (Lipgloss, Have you seen her lately, Acrylic Afternoons, etc.).


Well, having seen both NYC shows, you'll get a decent smattering of those, but may be sorely disappointed in the VERY Different Class heavy playlist. Sadly missing, IMHO, was My Legendary Girlfriend. Still, it's a GREAT show. They look and sound fabulous. No one will be disappointed. 

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