In Print: A Wish List for S.F. Music in 2012, and More

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From SF Weekly's latest print music section:

Here's hoping Roach Gigz gets his due in '12
Wish List for 2012: Optimists say that if you want to have your dreams come true, you should write them down. We frankly doubt that elucidating the things we want to happen in S.F. music in 2012 will make them come to pass. But then it's not like things are particularly shabby, musically speaking: 2011 saw local artists get more attention than in many previous years (even if those artists weren't always the ones we wanted), and brought numerous other encouraging developments (also many depressing ones). We can't help feeling a trifle optimistic at the start of this leap year, so it's with a pinch of hopefulness that we offer a wish list for Bay Area music in 2012. If any of them come true, remember whom to credit.

KUSF returns to the airwaves.
The FCC hasn't approved the transfer of the broadcast license from this once-mighty community radio station to a classical-music radio group partly owned by the University of Southern California -- at least not yet. We hope it doesn't go through. Finding a way to return the 34-year-old volunteer-run station to its former glory would be a tremendous longshot. But without KUSF, Bay Area radio doesn't represent the cultural diversity that makes this such an interesting place for music lovers to reside. So, gods above: Shake the earth, shoot lighting bolts, make the sky spew broadcast licenses, whatever. Just please get KUSF back on the air.

Sizzle & Fizzle: A special edition -- our favorite Bay Area albums of 2011.

Also, we recommend shows from Idle Warship, Mayaan Nidam, Painted Palms, and Christopher O'Riley and Matt Haimovitz.

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