Hey Upstart Bands, Noise Pop Wants YOU to Play Next Month's Festival

​As part of its world-shaking, time-exploding, two-decade-ringing-in confab and music festival next month, S.F.'s own Noise Pop is offering up no fewer than five gig slots to bands who apply through SonicBids.com. Yes, that's at least five whole paying gigs in front of breathing humans at S.F.'s biggest club-based indie music festival.

They almost certainly won't be headlining slots, but hey -- more people will likely come than can fit in your rehearsal space or your mom's basement. (Trying really hard not to make a dirty joke about your mom's basement here.) The "why" of this is obvious, right? -- assuming you want people to hear your music -- so check out details on applying, etc., after the jump.

To get your band on the Noise Pop lineup this year, you'll need luck and talent, presumably. You'll also need to register through Sonic Bids and go through their site to submit your press kit to Noise Pop. You, your mom, or your band's patron will pay $10 for the privilege of having yourselves judged for one of the (at least) five slots. The deadline to submit yourself is 11:59 p.m. this Friday (Jan. 6), so summon a little urgency, eh? And check out details of the gig here.

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George Chen
George Chen

i have never understood the need for sonicbids


the newspaper is urging me to spend $10 on a sweepstakes. yikes. how about a little bit more skepticism guys?

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