Watch: Andre Nickatina Would Like You to Please 'Call the Dealer,' and Soon

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"I feel 2012," says Bay Area rapper Andre Nickatina, "will be a big dope year. Not necessarily for me, but for people doing and selling dope. This video is a dedication to that."

Um, okay. Well, maybe you can help us make sense of this slightly weird new clip from Nickatina (formerly known as Dre Dog), entitled "Call the Dealer." In it, we are presented with: 1) Footage of a man (presumably said dealer) preparing bags of what appears to be cocaine; 2) Nickatina lighting, smoking, and re-lighting what appears to be a blunt while sitting alone on a couch with a bottle of Hennessy; and 3) exotic dancers gyrating in slow motion under a shower of dollar bills. (Oh, and who's the dorky young Jackson Browne-lookalike scheming on the woman in the club?)

Now, maybe Nickatina's new video is really just a celebration of acquiring and using illicit substances, sitting on a couch smoking a blunt, and being in the presence of strippers. If it is, well, at least we got a damn solid slow-mo beat here. But somehow the whole thing feels a little, um, empty. Maybe it needs a bump? (Or a dry spell?) Check it out:

This song is the first single from an apparently untitled new album due out on April 20, 2012. (Yes, that's 4/20.) Maybe the song will feel more satisfying on the record -- or in person: Nickatina performs tomorrow (Dec. 10) at the Regency Ballroom.

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