Top 10 Morrissey Song Titles That Describe Your Anguish About His Canceled Show

Heaven Knows We're Miserable Now, etc.

Heavy sigh: Tonight's Morrissey show has been canceled, due to an eye injury sustained by Morrissey's drummer, Matt Walker. For you fans, this is terrible -- especially since Morrissey also canceled his 2009 show due to illness, then was seen out at the DNA lounge.

But wait a minute: Are you actually getting a more authentic Morrissey experience by suffering these last-minute heartbreaks? It just might be. After all, look at how accurately these 10 Morrissey song titles express your pain about tonight:

10. "How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?"

9. "Sorry Doesn't Help"

8. "I Know It's Going to Happen Someday"

7. "Little Man, What Now?"

6. "Nobody Loves Us"

5. "You Have Killed Me"

4. "I Am Hated for Loving"

3. "Disappointed"

2. "Dear God, Please Help Me"

1. "He Knows I'd Love to See Him"

Sigh, sigh, sigh.

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manc lad
manc lad

maybe he should have brought out a version of IF I WAS A RICH MAN as i cant get a ticket refund, i travelled over from england and i cant get back for the rescheduled gig, so thats my own fault according to ticketmaster and the fox box office


Well, we love Morrissey. I came up 80 miles with my partner after he cancelled a medical appointment on (not ideal but not critical). My partner is on a lot of inconvenient meds- oh, and he's been trying to get over Lyme symptoms for about 10 years. I took two vacation days from the crappy job I'm otherwise clinging to by my bloody fingernails to keep a day after hearing that keeping it is a shakier and shakier proposition even through December (essentially I'm in the "beatings will continue till morale improves" work mode- that is if Captain Bligh had been on the Titanic). We're on a bare bones budget though I got the tickets before that became apparent and I splurged on an interesting place to eat and lodging for the night. I actually could see the Fox while we were having our meal and found it curious that the significant lights remained off and the crowd seemed rather non-chalant about standing in line. Finally right before 8pm I asked the waitress if she'd heard anything about the show and she gave me a sympathetic look and she told us it had been cancelled.On the way back to the motel I decided we should go off certain dietary protocols so we tried to pull into a 7-Eleven near the motel for some ice cream and I hit curb that extended out farther than it should have and it killed my front passenger tire. I was trying to put one of those damn "donut" thingies on when I realized the jack I'd put up high to keep protected had rusted anyway and while this was transpiring a drunk guy who said he could help us was, uh, distracting me. Another guy pulled up and almost wordlessly after saying he could help brought his own jack and put the faux-spare on for us. We were so grateful we gave him what cash we had in our pockets which he said he didn't need but after we gave him the money we both thought he was grateful and probably needed it (about 40 bucks) even though it seemed clear to us he was just a genuinely good guy.Earlier in the night the cd player that's been hanging in for about 5 years in my car died.On the other hand we "stimulated" sections of the economy, lucked into a Good Samaritan and had a good meal right before it congealed in our disappointed bellies. And on yet the other hand (there's two of us so that's a total of 4 - but I don't wanna brag or anything) we're a few hundred in the hole but at least we weren't pepper sprayed so there's always that we can look back on. Gotta admit Morrissey is such a superb songwriter and from what we've seen on the telly a great performer but we're nervous about going up to the rescheduled concert whenever that is.Until we can work through alla this and see the show everyday is like Sunday.


Top ten reasons Morrissey had to cancel tonight's show at The Fox:

10. Feeding pigeons at Lake Merritt9. Wanted a taco from Fruitvale, not that Xolo place8. Heard his Occupy Oakland fans were busy fighting the power7. Heard it was Morrissey night at SOM6. Didn't want to get tear gassed5. Shyness stopped him4. Preferred to hang out at Bench and Bar instead3. Mayor Quan welcomed him and then kicked him out2. OPD bought up all the bombs he could have used to bring us together1. Ghost riding the organic tofu whip in East Oakland

1abe Nunez
1abe Nunez

"I don't mind if you forget me," - Viva Hate


Why not throw some Smiths in there? Heaven knows I'm miserable now....


The more you ignore me, the closer I get.


Fucking YES.  You nailed it.

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