The Top Five Pop Songs of 2011

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2011 was the year Beyonce got knocked up, Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammys in an egg, and a soul singer from London took over the world. Tomorrow we'll be bitching about the worst pop moments of the year, but today, here are our favorite pop hits from 2011.

5. "Till The World Ends," Britney Spears

This year, Britney finally triumphed over all her demons, and came out fighting and foxy. (That woman has had two children and a lot of cheeseburgers -- how does her ass look so good?) Either way, "Till The World Ends" is an invigorating rush of pop bombast that makes you want to jump up and down on the spot like a three-year-old in the middle of a sugar rush. Aerobics instructors will be making use of this song for many, many years to come.

4. "Countdown," Beyonce

Beyonce doesn't make music like anyone else, and this track is a perfect example. Sure, the chorus is a big hook, but the rest of it is totally unpredictable: the drums, the horns, the finger clicks, the weird Caribbean undercurrent. This shit is totally all over the place, yet it still works because Be imbues it will so much sass and attitude, you believe that it all makes sense. She also gets extra points for all that baby-belly-rubbing. Adorable.

3. "Rolling In The Deep," Adele

2011 was a huge year for the London songstress (shame it was marred by that nasty throat surgery she just underwent) and it all started with this -- an angry dinosaur of a song, full of passion and frustration and defiance. "Rolling in the Deep" was a face-slapping introduction to the record that it came from, and 21, incidentally, happens to be the biggest selling album of the year and the first to sell over five million copies in a single year since 2004. Get well soon, Adele, so we can have more of this in 2012.

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