The 12 Worst Rock Album Covers of 2011

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It's common to round up the worst album art at the end of every year, but the ridicule is usually directed at easy targets. Album covers from old, out-of-touch musicians, second-rate rock acts, and popular bands that are already despised by music critics absorb most of the venom, while indie-leaning rock bands are usually given protection from critics' wrath. But there are droves of underwhelming and uninspired album covers from decent and even good artists, and they shouldn't be exempt from examination. These aren't as overtly hysterical as William Shatner's Seeking Major Tom, or as simply disgusting as Limp Bizkit's Gold Cobra, but below, we've rounded up the 12 worst rock album covers of 2011 from actually relevant artists. Feel free to mention any other offenders in the comments below.


I'm From Barcelona
Forever Today

For their final project in graphic design class, they affixed tiny people engaging in leisure activities to a blue background. The teacher decided to embellish the piece with a stylized grade, and I'm From Barcelona were given their album cover. Unfortunately, the music doesn't score much higher.


[Sub Pop]

The unfocused and unattractively grainy photograph looks like an iPhone snapshot from an overzealous fan. This is one more reason for concert attendees to leave their phones at home. When the drummer is sucked into the hyperspace behind her, I hope the white-out spill goes with her. Seriously, c'mon.



If there was any aesthetic chemistry between childhood, the Old West, and magic rainbow powers, there would already be many feature films and a Lucky Charms commercial exploring the dynamic. To his chagrin, Alexander's cover art attempts a combination too foolish even for Hollywood.

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