The 10 Best Bay Area Music Videos of 2011

Girls, "Vomit"

The first 90 seconds of this Austin Rhodes-directed clip are essentially one long porno montage of an early cherry-red Mustang -- which was just fine with us. But even you don't like classic cars, the mysterious footage of Girls band members Christopher Owens and JR White made this -- the video accompaniment to the first single off their Father, Son, Gholy Ghost album -- darkly memorable. Also, frankly, we just love seeing images of cruising through San Francisco at night.

Vir, "Down By Law"

Featuring maybe the most expansive animated dystopia we've ever seen in a local music video, this clip from East Bay post-punk outfit Vir fully portrays the kind of scarred landscape evoked in the song. It's pretty dark stuff -- giant robots bark orders, and humans turn into workaday robots -- but there is a bright spot at the end.

Young L, "Loud Pockets"

Pack member Young L got a sweet presentation here by marrying cartoony animation to real-life shots of S.F. Keep your eyes on the Civic Center statue, and ponder whether this East Bay rapper/producer can actually stand up on his own legs. Either way, Aris Jerome directed one of the funniest local hip-hop videos we saw all year.

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college research
college research

Pretty fresh, and unique, and just not a single " Yo, mudduhfuhckuh!" to be heard in the whole song. 


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