SF Rock Venue Kimo's Dies a Premature Death, Cancels All December Shows

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Kimo's: If you haven't gone already, you missed it forever.

We told you last month that Kimo's, the former gay bar on Polk Street that hosted lots of local rock shows, was going the way of Annie's Social Club and the dodo at the end of 2011. As of Dec. 31, its new owners were set to take over and convert the place into another haven for striped-shirted men with short haircuts and the high-heeled blondes who accompany them -- well, we're not sure who, exactly, but they probably won't be rock 'n' roll types.

But it turns out that live music at Kimo's didn't even last through the end of 2011. On Thursday, the venue's booker posted on its website that, effective immediately, all shows at Kimo's through the end of the year were either canceled or moved to another venue.

The official word, posted on Kimo's calendar page:

BREAKING NEWS-- the December shows will almost all be moved to new venues. None will remain here; Kimo's Penthouse Lounge (the upstairs room) is now officially over. The downstairs bar is open for business, under new ownership/name/and soon new look; I'm not sure what they'll do with upstairs next year. Email me with any questions. -- Scott (band booker) 12/15/11

And thus do proud, classic S.F. dives close in 2011: not with a bang, or a final full month of shows, or even one last get-drunk-and-go-crazy party, but with a sudden, curt death notice whimpered somewhere online.

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But we need another classy cocktail joint with top 40 music and loud fratboy types. There are only two on every block when there should be three or four. During the week nightlife in this city is really sad at the moment. Thanks greedy landlords of SF for turning into a creative, fun-free zone, unless of course someone else is paying your rent, then it's all fun all the time.Typical of the douchehole this city is becoming.

DJ Carnita
DJ Carnita

These moratoriums on liquor licenses across the city are making it financially unfeasible for everyday San Franciscans to own and operate bars and clubs.  Most of the people with the change to open a bar in the city are full-fleged 1%'ers and turn neighborhood dives into $20 cocktail hideaways for the rich.

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