New Details: DNA Lounge Claims DJ Alan Braxe Peed Three Times While Performing

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Inside the DNA Lounge

You've seen the story: SF's DNA Lounge claims French house DJ Alan Braxe urinated onstage during his headlining set at Blow UP SF last Friday. Braxe says no such thing happened, and that the whole thing is a PR stunt to bring attention to the club.

But in an interview with All Shook Down this afternoon, DNA Lounge General Manager Barry Synoground insisted that Braxe peed while on the DJ platform not once, but three times during his set -- each time into a drink cup, which he eventually spilled onto the floor and the curtain, causing about $400 in damage.

"About 10 minutes or so into his set, he turned around, squatted down, and pissed into a cup," Synoground tells All Shook Down. "Then again later, then again later. And he was kind enough to overturn at least one of those cups that he had filled onto the DJ platform and curtain. He just set it aside, and then while he was DJing, he knocked it over."

Synoground says Braxe was also smoking on the platform during the set. It was after Synoground sent a guard over to tell Braxe not to smoke that the guard noticed the DJ squatting and peeing while performing, Synoground says. There's a bathroom about 20 feet from the DJ platform, and Synoground says DJs often play longer songs while they answer nature's call.

Braxe denies ever having peed during the set, and has threatened to sue the club: "These rumors are false ... I DID NOT and WOULD NOT ever urinate on or damage a venue's or anybody else's property," he said in a statement today. "These lies have been fabricated, twisted and spread by somebody at the venue in order to generate extra interest in that space."

Synoground stands by his story. "What's fascinating to me is, why would he make a denial about it?" Synoground says. "Why would we make this up?"

He says Braxe's onstage urinating took place between after midnight and before last call, during the headlining set of the night, while the club was full of dancers. After his set, the club's security kicked Braxe out of the venue, allowing him back in only if he agreed to pay for cleaning the curtain. Synoground says he didn't.

The club manager is hoping one of the photographers shooting that night turns up a picture of Braxe urinating. Synoground says he can't say whether Braxe was drunk at the time, but "I would certainly venture to say he was not sober."

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