We're Celebrating Metallica's 30th Anniversary All This Week

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Metallica fans lined up outside the Fillmore on Monday afternoon.

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All this week, we're excited to bring you special coverage of Metallica's 30th Anniversary here on All Shook Down.

Why Metallica? Because it is in many ways the biggest local rock band of the last 30 years. Because it grew out of an early-'80s thrash metal scene that was unique to the Bay Area. Because its members have long called S.F. or the Bay Area home, after moving here from places like L.A. and Denmark. Because three decades in, no matter how it may irk fans and haters, Metallica is still doing crazy things like making an art-metal album with Lou Reed. And because fuck it -- we like Metallica.

The main event will be reviews and photos of the band's four extra-special, fan-club-only shows at the Fillmore Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday of this week. (Look for those reviews the morning after each show.) No matter what club you're in, the anniversary concerts are already totally, utterly, completely sold out -- tickets are being scalped on Craigslist right now for anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. (We're not sure who's paying that, but someone's asking it.) And that's not surprising -- details are scarce, but the shows will reportedly include guest appearances, rare songs, unusual setlists, and other mischief.

Metallica-fans-fillmore-monday-2 (1).jpg

In addition to coverage of the anniversary concerts, we're going to be looking back all week at the considerable legacy of this band -- the good, the bad, the weird, and the myriad examples of its pervasive cultural influence. Oh -- and the band's incredibly enthusiastic fans. (Are you one?) And in case you want to celebrate here in S.F., but can't make the big concerts, we're kicking things off today with a quick guide to the week's Metallica-related shows.

Fear not, regular readers -- we'll be running our regular mix of content in addition to the special stuff. But you Metallica fans looking for complete coverage of the 30th Anniversary week can find it here on All Shook Down.

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fuck you fan of geeks. i'm in this pictures and i know most of them in front of me. the last thing you can say of them is that they're geeks, trust me. some of them have travelled the entire world to see metallica. do you think a nerd would do this, you narrow minded ass?

Fans of Geeks
Fans of Geeks

Notice how young straight square short haired and clean cut the cult followers aka fans are in the pictures.  who wants to hang out with a bunch of nerds dorks and geeks like that crowd?


I wanna punch that punk ass loud mouth drummer guy in the face. I cant stand that spoiled loud mouth punk. tell him to stop by the Hells Angels MC Frisco Clubhouse for a touch up face job!

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