Lights Down Low's Corey Sleazemore and Eli Glad on Choosing Tracks, Weekday Hangovers, and How to Have a Successful Party

When adding up the ways our fair city keeps swinging, you might want to include the monthly Lights Down Low party, hosted by DJs Eli Glad and Corey Sleazemore. For the last five years, LDL has brought some of the world's best and weirdest electronic acts to San Francisco. It's been a refreshing step away from the city's occasionally tame and often regressive obsession with the past (I'm looking at you, Depeche Mode tribute groups and diehard dubstep enthusiasts). LDL brings together blog favorites (but definitely not "blog house"), and enduring mainstays like Larry Tee, Drop The Lime, Eli Escobar, and Jokers of the Scene. This Friday (Dec. 2) at Public Works, Glad and Sleazemore are hosting
Benoit and Sergio, an electronic pop duo with the "sleazy, romantic sensibility" of Roxy Music, Air, Talking Heads, or Junior Boys. When they say it'll be their biggest night ever, we're inclined to believe them -- especially considering it might just be one of DJ Eli Glad's last gigs in San Francisco.

The Lights Down Low founders spoke with All Shook Down about circumventing the shameless hyperbole that comes with self-promotion, weekday hangovers at the office, and why their party manages to attract some of the best looking people in the city.

Talk a bit about how Lights Down Low differs from other parties in the city.

Sleazemore: We don't tend to stick to genres. We'll have Lunice playing Lil B and Juicy J one month and then super serious future-bass stuff with Kastle and FaltyDL, and then disco or deep house the next month. We like to have fun, and book the music that makes us want to dance our asses off.

I know it's standard DJ talk to claim each party is going to sell out, and the next one will be the biggest ever, but I believe you guys on this one. Explain why I'm right about that.

Sleazemore: I feel like it'll be successful because Benoit & Sergio have a mass appeal. A lot of my friends who aren't into dance music love their Paul Simon-esque take on it.

Glad: We are guilty of that, but you're totally right about this one. Not only is it because of what Corey describes, but it's literally the biggest LDL to date in relation to venue size, capacity allowance, cost, people involved ... everything.

You guys have day jobs. Those weekday hangovers must be rough, right?

Sleazemore: I do graphic design for my dayjob, and tend to not take weekday gigs unless they're 1. High paying or 2. Playing alongside an act I'm into.

Glad: I'll admit that it's become more of an issue over the years, but I'm not old yet and still have it in me for the time being! Luckily, I work at IODA, a digital music distributor where many other musicians and DJs work. They tend to be pretty understanding and are sure to keep the volume low in the mornings.

Is it just me, or are there a lot of models at these parties?

Sleazemore: Our parties are definitely frequented by babes. I guess we have hot friends.

Glad: I think they come for Corey's dance moves.

Neither of you are originally from San Francisco. What brought you here? What keeps you here?

Sleazemore: Eli may not be here in the next few months. As for me, Jacksonville, FL, isn't bursting with opportunity. I'd visited S.F. and fallen in love with it. I went home after visiting, put my shit in storage, got a one-way out here and have never looked back since. As for staying here, I love S.F.! I am blocks from some of the best food in the country, and every night can go and have a the time of my life with amazing people.

Glad: I'm looking into making moves to Los Angeles soon. I originally came to San Francisco from the South Bay and fell in love with it. That love hasn't died eight years later, and S.F. will always be a special place to me, whether I'm here or not.

How do you manage to stay current on music?

Sleazemore: Getting lots of promos in my inbox. Reading a lot of blogs and trading lots of tracks on iChat. Listening to DJ mixes and podcasts all the time. Trolling SoundCloud.

Glad: It's funny 'cause I've never met anybody as on top of new music as Corey is. Regardless, I'm also scouring music blogs, getting recommendations from fellow DJs, reading Pitchfork (I know I'm going to catch shit for that), etc.

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