Funny Photo: The Best Two-Sentence Review of Metallica and Lou Reed's Lulu Ever

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Happy Place

Okay, so we don't think Metallica and Lou Reed's Lulu is as bad as many people do. But the San Rafael-recorded album has still inspired some fantastic shit-talking. The above review, which comes to us via Happy Place, is about as short, curt, and funny a description of the nearly 90-minute collaborative album as anything we've seen.

Really, how many albums come out every year that could be called "Probably the worst thing ever" -- and a great many people would be inclined to agree?

Yet, while we admire the concision employed here, we have to say that Lulu isn't quite the total disaster it's cracked up to be. Not quite.

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Nib Nob
Nib Nob

to paraphrase the talking fox from lars von trier's antichrist,

S H A L L O W  R E I G N S

this amazing album is supremely unsuited to the sad attention-challenged world that we live in, but what can you dokudos for the review though, takes courage to go against the grain, esp. when the grain is this rough, and _this_ stupid :) 

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