'James Hetfield Is a Rapper,' and Other Awesomely Blasphemous Metallica Mashups

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One More Disco's Metallica remix contest drew intriguing entries.

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Maybe you wouldn't expect it, but Metallica's influence on sample-based music is vast. The band's riffs have been nicked by the likes of Eminem, Rihanna, Anthrax, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Weird Al, Ice Cube, DJ Shadow, and Lil B, to give some idea of the huge variety we're talking about. And when the mashup craze filtered down to the YouTube level, the floodgates of Metallica hybrid tracks burst open.

Among our favorite reconstructions are selections that we're certain would make some Metallica purists want to pull their (or our) eyeballs out with one swift motion. But that's all part of the fun. As the band celebrates its 30th anniversary this week -- and with both apologies and middle fingers to the purists -- join us as we round up our favorite Metallica mashups.

8. Metallica's "Sad But True" is a popular choice for remixers, and Chtimixeur's "James Hetfield Is a Rapper" makes brilliant use of the singer's vocals over the bed of Ice Cube's "Today Was a Good Day." It's a breath of fresh air to hear Hetfield on something with a little bit of swing.

7. Dance producers can't help but swipe a bit of that guitar magic to enhance their beats. Straight outta Santa Cruz, Bassnectar's dubstep version of "Seek and Destroy" is one of the most popular Metallica remixes on YouTube.

6. One More Disco held a Metallica remix contest a few years ago, and although this Phantom's Golden Axe Remix of "Master of Puppets" was awarded second place, we think it's the entry that took the most wonderful liberties with tempos and beats.

5. Metallica songs aren't just remixed for dance music mashups: Rock Sugar's "Don't Stop the Sandman" fuses the band with Journey's great standard.

4. Similarly, Beatallica's "All You Need Is Blood" finds room for the Fab Four to shred.

3. Choreography isn't the first thing that comes to mind with Metallica, but this brilliant video pairing its riffs with steps from Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" illuminates how funky the band's music can become.

2. "Sad But True" makes another backing track for hip-hop with this concoction of the tune with Ludacris' crunked-out anthem "Move." The synchronizing of the rap video is pretty stellar.

1. Wax Audio's "Sad But Superstitious" makes the best use of "Sad But True," melding instrumentals poetically with the bassline and vocals from Stevie Wonder's "Superstitious." The little headbanging girl in the video seals the deal.

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