Erykah Badu's Coolest Wigs, Headpieces, and Hair Things of All Time

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​Erykah Badu brings her band the Cannabinoids to the Warfield stage on Friday (Dec. 9) and, given her past history, you'll forgive us for being excited about something superficial in addition to the actual music. Her appearance at Outside Lands back in August was phenomenal, so we're pretty sure that part will be good. But we also can't wait to see the selection that tops her dome, whether wig, tuning fork (if that's what that is in the above shot), or other potential entry in a Hair Wars competition.

Badu came into the game with those tall, turban-type deals, but she quickly showed that she wasn't going to stop there when it comes to her hair. Join us as we round up her best head things of all time.

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​Mother Nature's ultimate hairdo really deserves its own behind-the-scenes documentary to reveal how it actually came together. We can just picture Badu pulling the weed(s) out of her garden with this little number on.

​This fantastic blonde fauxhawk gives us a vibe of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-era Tina Turner here. She's channeling all of the fierceness of Aunty Entity.

​This Afro-centric style is one she frequently employs. The full lioness' mane is often accompanied by angular, more masculine outfits and, sometimes, bigger balls behind the keys.


We're not sure if this beaded marvel that Badu recently sported for a taping of the Wendy Williams Show is a tribute to Stevie Wonder or Valerie Ashford -- perhaps both? -- but it's definitely groovy. Especially through those rose-colored glasses.

Of course, now that we've spent all that time fantasizing about what Ms. Badu might do when she does that hair voodoo so well on Friday, she'll probably show up bald and beautiful. We can't remember caring as much about what another artist is going to do with their head.


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