Naturally, Drake's Video for 'The Motto' Has Pissed Off Some Bay Area Rap Fans

"Why are you wearing gloves? You don't even play sports! Take those off, you ain't Diddy!"
​Rap star Drake's new video for his single "The Motto" was shot largely in the Bay Area -- and has already inspired a slew of civilian reaction videos from around the world. Chief among the complaints are the sartorial choices of Drake and his guest star Lil Wayne -- namely a cheetah-print puffy jacket and gloves for the former, and lime green UGG boots for the latter.

"I see this video, and I see shame," says a purported local who calls himself Joshneal85 in the funniest of the reactions. "There's a taste in my mouth when I watch the video. It's the taste of betrayal."

"I mean, what did we do to deserve this video, bro?" he continues. He seems particularly pissed at Mistah F.A.B., who he says is "fucking up 365" and had the unmitigated gall to sport a phone with a cord on it in the video. He's mad that Drake drove a lowrider rather than a scraper. And don't get him started on Drake's cohort Tyga wearing Dodgers gear (!).

Neal takes a minute to say that the only one he respects in the whole video is E-40, who makes a cameo. "It's like E-40 builds us up with a brick house, and you guys come and burn everything down." He ends by issuing a true threat of thuggery:

"If you do know where I live, get past security -- I live in a gated community!"

Here's the original clip for the "The Motto," in case you feel the need to issue your own critique:

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hate this fucking video i feel like really this is not anything like the bay this video is a epic fail


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