You May Consider "Firetruck" a New Kreayshawn Song

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Trashy as she wanna be.

Sure, it's technically on a new mixtape from the Madden Brothers -- you know, of Good Charlotte fameĀ -- and it features a guest verse from curiously named Chicago rapper Hollywood Holt. But there's no doubt that Oakland-bred whippersnapper Kreayshawn runs the show on "Firetruck" -- she raps through most of it, and the backing track has that big, slow, sleazy feel you might recognize from "Gucci Gucci" or "Rich Whores."

It's not quite the aural-and-visual assault that "Gucci Gucci" was (sigh, could anything be?), but it's more than enough to keep the Kreayshawn fans sated and the haters more or less at bay. Of course, those so inclined will find plenty to object to here: We're frankly a little irked that the first real line is, "So hot I'm a fire/ Got these hoes like a fireman," after which Kreayshawn rhymes "again" with "again," and then wades into some incoherent babble about ice and cigarettes that doesn't really rhyme at all.

What, are we being picky? Then let us also complain about the use of temperature ("hot," "ice," "fire") as a relentless metaphor for -- shit, how do we even describe that thing she's saying without a temperature metaphor? And if you get to that guest verse where you hear the N-word shouted three times in a close succession, don't get excited -- it's Hollywood Holt (who is black) slangin' the racial surs, not one of the pasty Madden brothers. Kreayshawn hasn't actually disrupted that sacred set of rules (that many people around here don't follow) about who can say what word in what context to whom, even if she kinda sorta threatened to.

Quibbles aside, though, this should convince all the Kreayshawn dismissers that anything she puts out from here is going to be just close enough to decent that you'll have to argue your takedowns. She isn't gonna hand them to you. So be careful, you might just find your head nodding to this:

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