SF Nightclub Mighty Mobilizes 800 Supporters to Keep Its Parking Spaces

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​Patrons and staff at Mighty breathed a small sigh of relief yesterday as the San Francisco nightclub (which doubles as a venue for corporate events during the day) at least temporarily eluded the threat of losing hundreds of public parking spots on Utah and San Bruno streets -- spaces that help Mighty attract customers.

Mighty owner Sean Manchester learned last week that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency planned to propose that the nearby spaces turn into tow-away spots after 10 p.m. This was in response to growing concerns among police officers in the Mission Station over homeless encampments and people spending the night in their cars in the area.

SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose says that, in a situation such as this, the SFMTA is required to inform affected businesses via posted signs. Manchester says that he was only able to find two such notices printed on 8-1/2-by-11-inch pieces of paper some four blocks away, and this only after he had learned about the resolution.

But the club staff sprang into action quickly, sparking a weekend campaign to alert its patrons, and by Monday morning, around 800 letters of support for withdrawing the resolution were sent to Mission Station. That ultimately caused SFMTA to pull the issue from the upcoming Dec. 6 hearing.

"We'll work with them; whatever they suggest, we'll let them know if it's going to impact our business or the neighborhood either positively or negatively," says Manchester. "It's a temporary win that they pulled the measure from the hearing, but we'll have to just wait and see what comes up next."

"We're definitely going to work with everyone involved, going forward," echoes Rose.

Meanwhile, one thing we are in support of: No parking on the dance floor.

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Yay, let's make it easier for people to drink and drive!

Sean Manchester
Sean Manchester


We were incredibly grateful to learn the "No Parking Proposal" had been pulled from the December 6th Agenda and that SFPD will look to alternative measures to approach their issue. We will continue to work with the SFPD to better learn what their concerns are and help in anyway to provide an amicable solution for everyone.

We also would like to acknowledge Jocelyn Kane at the Entertainment Commision and Supervisor Malia Cohen and her office for their direction and support as well as the officials at the SFMTA and SFPD at Mission Station for listening.

Most importantly, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our patrons and fans, dj's and promoters, businesses and neighbors who quickly mobilized and rallied for our campaign.

Thank you!!Sean Manchester & The Mighty Family!

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