IFC's Portlandia Is Coming to San Francisco with Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen

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Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein as Peter and Nance on Portlandia.

Any of you eco-conscious hippies, fem-lit-reading bookstore owners, and musician-politicians find that IFC's West Coast bohemia-skewering Portlandia doesn't hit close enough to your S.F. home? Since, you know it's technically about a city some 600 miles away?

Well, consider yourselves lucky: Portlandia -- the show, not the place, since, come on, there's plenty of Portlandia here already -- is coming to San Francisco. And it's bringing along stars and co-creators Carrie Brownstein (of Wild Flag and Sleater-Kinney fame) and Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen for a peek at what the show's new season holds.

As a kind of teaser for the new episodes, which begin airing on IFC on Jan. 6 (see a new clip above), Portlandia is turning into a kind of traveling road show that will include musical performances, snippets from the new episodes, and Armisen and Brownstein talking about the inspiration for the TV series and its characters. The touring show hits only six cities -- all of them filled with the kinds of people who see themselves mocked on Portlandia, and love it. Those are Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, and L.A. It arrives at Mezzanine here in S.F. on Dec. 30. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 22.

If that's not enough to get you stoked about the show's next season, maybe this will be: Guest stars will include Isaac Brock (of Modest Mouse), Steve Jones (of the Sex Pistols), Johnny Marr (of the Smiths and Modest Mouse), and Eddie Vedder. Kinda seems like everyone wants a piece of Portlandia.

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Everyone wants a piece of portlandia........except portland. Try putting some funny on it.

occupied in sf
occupied in sf

this is another reason for Occupy movement, deregulation and profiteering allowed BPA to be used in canned food. which is why your canned food now expires after less than 2 years...remember when canned food could be stored? you can thank congress for this. paid off to accept toxins in our food. i hope their children die young too


2nd season? this show sucks.


Get your head back in the party zone


Typical modern fare: feminized-idiot-male being constantly annoying to a smart all knowing woman.

Andy Kim
Andy Kim

I liked Carrie infinitely better when she was a musician but I love Portland so OK!

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