Shoot Swag at Basic Bitches All Day Long with the Kreayshawn Videogame

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Okay, so it's not an official Kreayshawn videogame -- but it is a Flash project loosely based on the Zachary's pizza-hating Oakland-via-L.A rapper, and it is pretty fun to play. There are four levels, including the club and the mall, and you get to shoot swag bombs at basic bitches, then steal their Louis bags.

The best part is that the avatar character actually does look like an 8-bit Kreayshawn with the mouse ears and glasses. When you die, you turn into a kitty. In the words of creator Beth Maher, "It's here, it's fresh, it's shiny and it's got the swag, and it's pumping out it's ovaries."

Or at least, it's something to get you through the afternoon.

How it works:

Left and right arrow keys to move Z to jump X to shoot

E to exit to world map
R to reset the level

Have fun out there with the Kreay, people.

[Beth Maher]

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