Berner Is San Francisco's Stoner Rapper Answer to Girls Gone Wild Creator Joe Francis

​There aren't too many local songs in seemingly heavy rotation on KMEL, but this annoying (and, to these ears, racially insensitive) one called "Yoko" is always on in the car.

Turns out it's by San Francisco's Berner, with heavyweight national guest stars Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, and Big K.R.I.T. Berner has been releasing albums for a few years, collaborating with local notables like the Jacka, Messy Marv, and J. Stalin; he's got a cool new video with time-lapse video of some of S.F.'s most recognizable landscapes; and he has this "Yoko" song on the air eleven billion times a day (approximately).

But we think Berner's greatest bid for attention here and abroad is coming via his attempt to be a blunted version of Joe Francis with his Stoner Girls Gone Wild web series (episode one and episode two are both quite NSFW).

We noticed Berner stepping up to represent as the S.F. King of Weed over the last couple of years via a series of videos where he flexes with weed dumbbells (also NSFW, but not for nudity), and smokes out Wiz Khalifa with increasingly more intimidating looking quantities and contraptions. But this latest combination is certainly his most outrageous. With a DVD planned, how long before Joe Francis comes by with the cease and desist is anyone's guess.

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Too bad Yoko was released TWICE. I love Berner but he took a wrong choice remaking Yoko with Chris brown.

Sven Barrios
Sven Barrios

no he didnt, thats how he got national. before that song i googled his name and nothing came up. know i search his name and pics, info, songs all that come up. 


Joe francis girls gonna wild movies are Hella WEAK!!!! Joe Francis is a PUNK BITCH!!!! put some real BITCH's in these movies!

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