Here's Duck Sauce's New, NSFW Video for "Big Bad Wolf," and Six Other Videos in Which the Human Face Is Absolutely Terrifying

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Yesterday, asked its readers if they thought Duck Sauce's new video, for the track "Big Bad Wolf", was the most disturbing video of 2011. Well, we've just had a look -- and while it's definitely weird and it's definitely uncomfortable, we're just gonna go ahead and say that this scathing mockery of human mating rituals (and sexuality in general) is mostly just laugh-out-loud funny. See? (Watch out --  it's NSFW!)


In honor of Duck Sauce's bold and memorable contribution to the visual arts, we'd like to take a look back on our favorite head-case videos -- that is, videos in which there's nothing more horrifying than the human face. Take it away, sickos!

1. "Windowlicker," Aphex Twin

A full four minutes of some of the most insane profanity ever featured in a music video (definitely NSFW), followed by Richard James' grinning, maniacal face... everywhere. One minute he's tap-dancing and rubbing his crotch on umbrellas, the next, he's surrounded by all-dancing, all-bikini-ed, loved-up lady-hims. The actual stuff of nightmares. Thanks, twisted ambient dude.

2. "Technologic," Daft Punk

Uuuum, does that weird mechanical baby clown puppet thing have a human mouth and eyes? Yes, yes it does (doesn't it?). For such a simple concept and execution, this video is shitting terrifying. It's like Daft Punk read 1984 too many times, then watched Saw the year before this came out and went "Nah, we can do scarier clown-based visuals than that." In less than five minutes, too. Thanks for making us hate our computers, French dudes.

3. "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy," Big & Rich


We're going to have to assume that the reason this video is not embeddable anywhere is because Big Kenny and John Rich sat down after it was made and went "Wait, did we really just do that?" We refer of course to the fact that, for a brief moment at the beginning of this video and for a prolonged period towards the end, Big K is seen sharing the back seat of a convertible with a female figure that is sometimes an inflatable doll whose wig he has to keep pulling on, and sometimes an actual human woman. The most disturbing thing about it is that this is not meant to be disturbing. That's cool, guys. No, really. Women (especially Asian ones) and blow up dolls are totally interchangeable. That's not offensive at all. Jackasses.

4. "Where's Your Head At," Basement Jaxx


There's much potential for humor in the concept here, which is a band as performing monkeys in a glass box. We get it. That's smart. Probably funny. And then you watch it -- and it has far more in common, primate-wise, with Outbreak than Any Which Way You Can. Thanks crazy British dance people, now we all have pomfretphobia.

5. "Black Hole Sun," Soundgarden

Lying somewhere between Twin Peaks and The Stepford Wives (the 1975 version, thanks -- not that 2004 Nicole Kidman travesty), this video -- a scathing and apocalyptic look at suburbia -- is so awful to look at, it actually made us hate Soundgarden. Which was really hard to do after Badmotorfinger. Humans are just awful, you know.

6. "Two Weeks," Grizzly Bear

Had an actual nightmare after watching this for the first time. Not kidding. And it wasn't about bow-ties...

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