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From this week's Bouncer column:

When it comes to near-death experiences, I'm torn. I'd love to believe that they are windows into an afterlife, where you are bathed in soothing white light and reunited with dead loved ones, and the idea of floating in ethereal peace forever "just feels right, man." I liked to think that we all end up in a permanently happy place.

But then I decided to read more about NDEs, and found out some disturbing information. For one thing, not everyone who comes back was pleasantly groped by angels or dipped in a gossamer hot tub of bliss. Some people report having visited a place that looks a hell of a lot like the set of a Ronnie James Dio video (pun intended). Both such experiences I read about involved men who were atheists at the time of their clinical deaths, and both men described demon-like beings that tore and ripped at their flesh. They also smelled bad, and had scary, Satanic voices. The good news is that if you find yourself in such a situation, God will show up if you call him, forcing the baddies to retreat. These guys did this, and they not only returned to their bodies, they became preachers.

I like the idea of a real afterlife, but I don't like the idea of ending up in a horrific one. So then I move the theory that NDEs are simply the functions of our brains as they wind down and call it a night. The only problem with this theory is that many people report rising above their body after they have died, looking down at the EMTs vigorously working to resuscitate them. People who have come back have described things that they supposedly could only have known if they'd been floating in the rafters of the room.

I was sitting at a table at the back of the Buckshot, contemplating eating chicken-fried bacon or a corn dog (surely two foodstuffs that would accelerate my trip to the afterlife), when I pictured myself floating up into the rafters of the bar, then gliding toward the stuffed deer heads that line the entire length of wall. It might be comfy to sit on top of a deer head in a bar for eternity. You could keep up with the latest music trends and remain perpetually in college. But what about the deer himself? What was his death like? Did he float out of his fur and hover over the hunter, watching as the man took a knife and gutted him? Did he care? Chances are he was already wandering through a sylvan pasture toward a big, cool stream.

The Buckshot is one of the best bars in the Richmond when it is not crammed with people who just turned 21. It's big yet cozy, with Skeeball and pool. The drinks are cheap. And it has a colossal collection of taxidermy...

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Michael Tymn
Michael Tymn


An interesting column.  For a better view of the Afterlife, definitely not the one taught by orthodoxy, check out my book, "The Afterlife Revealed."   

Aloha from Hawaii

Michael Tymn

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