The Killers, Jane's Addiction, and Snoop Dogg Are Playing a "Secret Show" for the Gods of Tech Tonight

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​After hearing rumors all day, it appears this is finally actually confirmed: Snoop Dogg, Jane's Addiction, Kaskade, and the Killers are playing a "secret" show after today's Facebook conference, hosted by Napster founder Sean Parker, according to SFist.

So after spending the day hearing about various changes that Facebook plans to make to online music listening and other activities, the assembled techy masses can go see some music live and in person.

Well, if they can get in. Which many of them -- and you -- probably can't.

Apparently this is an invite to the party. Note the "non-transferable" tag, which means it probably ain't any good for you and me:

All Facebook

Ahead of the concert, there will be a happy hour panel on music industry and tech featuring Spotify head Daniel Ek. Which sounds just like Silicon Valley people: Start off a decent concert by having a bunch of brainy types blabber about business!

Anyway, the party's going down on 140116th Street, according to SFist, which just looks like a wall of graffiti now but will later transform into an ultraslick three-dimensional realtime interactive Retina GUI. Then the Gods of Tech will descend to their brushed aluminum thrones for the evening's entertainment. Or something.


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Unlike the 'Pop / rock' culture of years past ; the idea now 'is' to sell out. Cool!

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