So Train's Awful Singer Doesn't Even Live in San Francisco or the Bay Area

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Pat Monahan, suburban Seattle resident.
​Did you see our investigation this week into the miseries of Train -- one of the most successful local bands of the last decade? If you did, you'll recall that this infamous, Grammy-winning trio has a song called "Save Me, San Francisco," whose horrors we explored in great detail.

Well, we've come across another stunning revelation re: Train's shittiness. It turns out Patrick Monahan, the band's frontman, main songwriter, and lyricist, doesn't even live in San Francisco or the Bay Area.

And, dammit, that doesn't mean he moved to L.A., either. Our esteemed colleagues up at Seattle Weekly report that Monahan makes his home in the "extraordinarily bland, affluent, lakefront suburb of Sammamish."

Monahan has apparently been a resident there for more than six years, according to his publicist. Which just makes the seemingly redemption-seeking lyrics of "Save Me, San Francisco" even more cynical and hollow.

Remember that line in the song about "I used to love the Tenderloin/ Until I made some tender coin"?

"Sammamish," our Seattle expert says, "makes Marin look like the Tenderloin."


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I miss San Francisco, but I don't miss SF Weekly.


Since when did it become a requirement that to write a song about some city, you have to actually live there?  It is the author of this article who is shitty; not Train.  Must be sad to be such a poor writer that you have to resort to writing trash instead of an actual informative article about something.  Of course it doesn't say much for SFWeekly that they bothered to publish it.


He lived in SFO.  What is the problem if someone sings about a city they lived in or haven't lived in or isn't currently living in?  Must be something better to write about.  But, that would require accurate research.  Everyone knows Pat lives on the Eastside near Bellevue, WA.  I think you are the only one shocked and surprised.  


That's some real hating right there. I don't see why or who you are to be so hostile.  e   Is everybody who works for sf weekly from San Francisco..... and think about this, isn't one of the greatest things about San Francisco that everybody who comes to this city able to fall so in love it with. I am huge supporter of freedom of speech and opinion. But hating a band cause they have bad music is one thing, but  for writing a song about a city they love whether or not they live there/from there is a little harsh dont you say?

Dan Daly
Dan Daly

I've enjoyed Train's music for years now.  And I've know for years that not all the band members are from San Francisco.  Is it so bad that someone from out of town likes your town?  Have you ever toured with a band?  Bet not!  I have, and when it's over it's truly a joy to come back to the SF Bay Area.  So what's wrong with a song that says so?

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