You Can Spend New Year's Eve with Kreayshawn and the White Girl Mob!

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Christopher Victorio
Your New Year's Eve date?
All right, let's talk: How many of you thought, when "Gucci Gucci" dropped in May, that we'd still be talking about Kreayshawn and the White Girl Mob by the middle of September?

We're imaging no one out there's raising your hands -- and that's what we thought.

Now, try this one: How many thought, back in May -- before the major-label deal, before all the cover stories, before the feud with Rick Ross, before she'd ever really played a big show -- that Kreayshawn and the White Girl Mob would get to headline a major S.F. venue on the rather prestigious date of New Year's Eve?

Okay, really no one, right?

Yet here we are: Kreayshawn is playing the Regency Ballroom this Dec. 31. If it's anything like the last two shows she's played in S.F., it will sell out. (Admittedly, though, the Regency is a much larger venue than anywhere she's played here before.)

But this won't be just any Kreayshawn show -- it's getting its own special billing ("Never Coming Down"), a one-off special ticket package ($1,800 for limo ride, entrance for six, a pot-leaf dogtag, and a signed T-shirt!), and even its own charming spelling mistakes.

All of which makes us wonder what other surprises the Kreayshawn juggernaut may have in store.

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The Regency Ballroom

1290 Sutter, San Francisco, CA

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um your article has spelling mistakes so who are you to try and act above it all? Get a goddamn proofreader!


Yuck, Kreayshawn

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