Mike Patton's New Weird Project Is an Album Inspired By The Solitude of Prime Numbers

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Last year, it was Mondo Cane, an album in which Faith No More bandleader Mike Patton covered Italian oldies. This year, the S.F. musical adventurer plans to release an album of music inspired by The Solitude of Prime Numbers, an Italian novel by Paolo Giordano. The full title of the 16-song record -- which even the omnivorous Patton describes as a "sonic departure" -- will be Music From The Film and Inspired By the Book The Solitude of Prime Numbers (La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi). Which, yeah, is kind of a mouthful.

The album is set for release Nov. 1 on Patton's Ipecac Recordings, and will apparently come packaged rather fancily, with a leaf cut-out and a locking mechanism. The book on which the film and music are based tells the story of two characters whose troubled lives run in parallel, never intersecting, much like two prime numbers. Released in 2008, it sold over one million copies in Italian before being translated into more than 30 languages.

But what will Patton's accompaniment sound like? We don't really know how to paraphrase this bit from the press release, so we'll just quote it:

Where Patton's projects (Fant├┤mas, Mondo Cane, Tomahawk) often thrive on abrupt transitions and multi-layered instrumentation, The Solitude of Prime Numbers collection boasts a cinematic feel that allows instruments an individual voice, emphasizes isolated notes and subtly transitions from piece to piece, acutely capturing the introspective and reflective feel of the novel.

Most interesting, though, is the album's track sequencing. As befitting album about the loneliness of prime numbers, the tracks are numbered in order of the first 16 prime numbers:

2. Twin Primes
3. Identity Matrix
5. Method of Infinite Descent
7. Contrapositive
11. Cicatrix
13. Abscissa
17. Isolated Primes
19. Radius of Convergence
23. Separatrix
29. The Snow Angel
31. Apnoea
37. Supersingular Primes
41. Quadratix
43. Calculus of Finite Differences
47. Zeroth
53. Weight of Consequences

Which we think is pretty cool, no matter how confusing it might look.

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