Ke$ha's Top 10 Best Outfits Ever

Ke$ha plays Oakland's Fox Theater tonight, and if it's anything like her show at the Warfield earlier this year, everyone is in for a massive, glittery, fantastically chaotic treat. Aside from everything else, we can't wait to see what she's wearing -- the fashion pages rip her apart with regularity, but we'd like to take a moment to give thanks for Ke$ha's wardrobe and all of the joy it has brought us. Here are her 10 best outfits.


10. The Hansel and Gretel
Ke$ha's a party girl. And what do party girls like doing? Drinking, that's what. But we all know that sometimes, after one bottle of Jack too many, it's not always easy to find your way home. Here, Ke$ha has ingeniously devised a way to ensure she makes it back to her house without any confusion -- all she has to do is retrace her steps by following the chunks of glitter that have been dropping off her outfit all night! And she needn't worry about a lonely walk either -- that rad Van Halen shirt is a sure-fire way to get an attractive longhair to escort you back to your front door safely. Genius!


9. The White Trash
Sorry, Lady Gaga, but making a dress out of trashbags is so much cooler, more animal-friendly, and better-smelling than making a dress out of meat. Helpfully, Ke$ha has also painted her lips metallic blue and arranged her hair to make it look like she's been electrified -- thereby ensuring success when it comes to playing the practical joke at the end of the night, which will involve lying in a pile of trash bags and pretending to be a dead body to scare passers-by. Hilarious!


8. The Ultimate Fighting Champion 
The catsuit makes her look like a wrestler, the cape and big hair make her look like a superhero, the gloves make her look like a boxer, and the cane makes her look like she's gonna do voodoo on your ass. Spooky!


7. The Leaky Box
Imagine if someone tried to give you a goldfish as a gift, but rather than handing it over in an appropriate receptacle, they decided to present it to you in a sparkly silver gift box that hadn't been appropriately sealed at the bottom. We imagine that ridiculous scenario is the inspiration for this Ke$ha creation, given that it couldn't possibly be inspired by anything else. Fishy!

kesha-confused-pimp .jpg

6. The Confused Pimp
Hey, if it's good enough for Prince, it's good enough for Ke$ha. Here we see her combining her satin purple pimp pants with a feathery side tail and a shirt she found while she was lying in that pile of trashbags pretending to be dead (see number 9). The clutch purse brings it all together seamlessly, don't you think? No? Oh, well ... There's no accounting for taste.

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