J-Boogie Gets Down Like an Indian John Travolta in New "Undercover" Video

​Local DJ and All Shook Down 2011 alumnus J-Boogie has explored many genres, including reggae, Latin, funk, disco, and house. His new video for "Undercover," the single from his upcoming album of the same name, adds one more to the list -- Bollywood disco inferno.

Using what can only (we're pretty sure) be found footage, the new video transports us to India's alternate-universe version of the '70s, complete with intense choreographed dancing, a badass sitar player, flashy wardrobes, and weird plotlines that don't make much sense but are still somehow really fun to watch.

The song itself has a slithering bass line and slick horns. Hit the jump to enter another dimension.

Undercover drops on Oct. 4; the single is available now on iTunes.

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Filmi Girl
Filmi Girl

How is it "found footage" if it's taken from a real film?! They should have given credit to the original film in this video. Not all of us treat Indian cinema like some giant campy joke.

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