In Defense of V-Nasty and Her Nasty Mouth

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Christopher Victorio
V-Nasty at Slim's last week.

It's the summer of the N-word controversy in the music world -- due mostly to the rise of Kreayshawn and the Oakland-repping White Girl Mob, whose V-Nasty says it and doesn't care what you think. (Or maybe she does -- some are saying she may stop using the word.)

But is Kreayshawn's pal a callous dumbass, or the legitimate product of a mixed-race environment where the word isn't as controversial as it is elsewhere?

Our colleague Rebecca Haithcoat down at L.A. Weekly offers a few thoughts on this controversy today, in the wake of of V-Nasty's recent live sets in L.A. and S.F. Like us, Haithcoat found V-Nasty a pretty captivating presence on the live stage. Unlike us, Haithcoat brings the perspective of someone who was raised in a small Southern town to this race-centered controversy.

Today on West Coast Sound, she writes about her inner conflict over V-Nasty's use of the word:

... But I can understand her choice of language, when considering the possible context. We live in a landscape of artists perfecting sad-eyed repentance while privately rolling those same eyes. Right or wrong, it's fascinating when a performer, especially one who isn't necessarily trying to be controversial, refuses to become a chameleon.

Whatever you think of the issue, her post is thoughtful and worth reading. Check it out here.

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