Graphic: How Does Outside Lands Compare to the World's Biggest Music Festivals?


Lots of people, including us, think that this past year's Outside Lands Music Festival was the best one yet. But how does the four-year-old event in S.F.'s Golden Gate Park compare to the world's biggest music festivals?

Hint: We have much better wine, and we care about Foursquare a lot more than most.

That's at least the perspective given by this fascinating infographic from the folks over at Sonos. There's a crop above; check out the whole thing after the jump.

Here's the whole graphic, (and here's a link to a very large version):


Things that strike us:

  • That Outside Lands drew 180,000 people with 71 acts on the bill, while Bonnaroo (which is put on by the same company that co-produces Outside Lands) drew 80,000 with more than twice as many acts (175).

  • That Outside Lands has the second-highest number of Foursquare check-ins behind only the much-larger Lollapalooza.

  • That, as Digital Music News point out, the largest summer music festival in the world apparently takes place in Budapest. (Huh?)

So -- anyone wanna go to Hungary next year?

[Sonos via Digital Music News]

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Yes agree with the Glastonbury #'s. Them + coachella kinda shite on outside lands. I'm an outside lands fan but it's not a world class fest!


Bonnaroo and Glastonbury aren't counting each day separately like the others are since they only sold 4 days passes. If you want to compare those numbers correctly quadruple the numbers reports for those two festivals (since they were 4 day affairs). Alternatively, divide Outside Lands by three and you get the still quite impressive attendance of 60,000 people.


These numbers just don't seem right. Where is Coachella on this chart?

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