Hear a Sample of Lou Reed and Metallica's "The View," Which Doesn't Seem Like the Best Thing Ever

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We could make a lucrative IPO with all the hype Lou Reed has expelled about his upcoming album with Bay Area metal stalwarts Metallica. But if the one sample of Lulu that's leaked so far is any indication, the Reed self-praise machine might just be blowing a bubble the size of Bakersfield.

Yesterday, Amazon posted a 30-second sample of "The View," from the upcoming collaborative album, which is out Nov. 1. Today, the sample appears to be gone. But no worries -- that's what we have YouTube for. Hit the jump to hear the very first snippet of Lulu

Kinda eh, eh?

We're not making any judgments based on this alone. But we will say that we hope there's more to Lulu than Reed's atonal blathering, some interminable, distinctly post-Load riffage, and a metric fuckton of hype from a former member of the Velvet Underground.

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Sounds like drunk Lou decided to bust a grampa freestyle over a few instrumental bars of metallic's new record

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