Half-Remembered Local Rock Star Steve Harwell (of Smash Mouth) Promises to Eat Two Dozen Eggs in Public for Fame

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Steve Harwell, tall and the center, pre-egg-eating.

In in today's "file under disgusting":

Dared by Internet trolls earlier this year to consume two dozen chicken eggs, Steve Harwell -- singer of a once-briefly-cared-about San Jose band called Smash Mouth -- agreed. But only on the condition that all the eggs were emblazoned with the lines "Hey now, you're an all star!" and $10,000 was raised for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. (Oh sorry, we made up the first part.)

Well, Internet trolls are obsessive, the goal was met in less than a week, and Harwell laid plans to eat 24 eggs. Because the whole thing was apparently not nauseating enough, TV food personality Guy Fieri (he of spiky hair and Santa Rosa barbecue-sushi operation Tex Wasabi's) has agreed to cook them for Harwell at his East Bay restaurant, which is called (speaking of something awful) Johnny Garlic's.

Now, Harwell can eat his eggs prepared anyway he likes them, all for the entertainment of the Something Awful crowd and the benefit of a hospital and the fame enrichment of that annoying diner-loving guy. (Nothing against diners, but everything against Guy Fieri.)

We're just going to assume it's obvious why we don't like Guy Fieri

This icky spectacle will go down on October 10, at Fieri's restaurant in the East Bay suburb of Dublin. They're still raising money for the hospital online, too -- which is the only thing about this whole operation that doesn't make us feel like vomiting.

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The Lazy Comic
The Lazy Comic

Smash Mouth rocked. I was working on the air at a station in Maryland when they broke. First time I heard them, I thought... these guys are great. I liked all the stuff they came out with... and then... poof... they just kind of vanished. Ahhhh... the entertainment business. You have to be simple minded to participate in this field.

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