Six Reasons to Love Crime (the Band)


1. San Francisco's Crime was the first West Coast punk band.
Or at least the first to put out a record. (The Nuns and the Avengers were early, too.) Established in the summer of 1976 by Johnny Strike and Frankie Fix, Crime put out its first single, "Hot Wire My Heart" b/w "Baby, You're So Repulsive" in 1978.

2. The band members either wore police uniforms or dressed like gangsters.
Which looked badass (see above). And in case you thought Generation Y invented irony.

3. Their music was really, really good, at least part of the time.

See "Frustration," above, which is pretty much perfect.

4. Crime had a song called "San Francisco's Doomed."

Which, as anyone who survived Willie Brown, the dot-com era, the Web 2.0-era, and the rise of Train will tell you, was absolutely true.

5. Crime played at San Quentin

Where they know a thing or two about crime (not the band).

6. Sonic Youth covered Crime's "Hot Wire My Heart."

On Sister, even.

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There is also a CRIME 7" called "Extortion" that came out March 2010. This record has 2 songs on the A side that harken back to the glory days. The B side is a collaborative effort with CRIME and Gnawa Express....all I can say is creepy. Out on F.Y.B.S. Records

Piss On Your Cat
Piss On Your Cat

The CRIME vaults are opening! You'll hear much more about the archival project in the near future, but for now I'll point out that the classic debut 7" has been remastered from the original session tapes for the very first time, and was just released on iTunes on Tuesday. For details of a limited edition 7", please follow "Kitten Charmer" on Facebook, or "@kitten_charmer:disqus on Twitter. A new web site will go live at quite soon as well. In the meantime, have at it!

Ken Fury
Ken Fury

CRIME's most recent 45 "Extortion" was released Saturday March 20th in the beautiful Mission District in San Francisco at the Knockout. The record was released in a total run (including test presses) of 545. VERY few left. AND....those guys not only rule as a band, but are also true gentlemen.


Correction: Hot Wire My Heart came out as a single in 1976.

Conan Neutron
Conan Neutron

Crime is a totally under rated and very rad SF punk band. I'd never even know them if John Reis hadn't cited them as an influence for Hot Snakes.

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