DJ Shadow Reviews His Own Discography

The Outsider (2006)
"This album had a lot of particular reasons why it was the way it was -- it was a provocation of sorts, I guess. I wanted to contribute to the scene that was happening in the Bay Area, 'cause everyone felt that the Bay doesn't get the chance to shine that often, like the last time was the late '80s with Paris and Digital Underground, and it takes a while before you get that opportunity again. So just like everyone else, I wanted to contribute. I was massively inspired by what was taking place around me at that time. So it was like why would I make a song with Keak Da Sneak and not ask Keak to be who he is on the song? And why would I make a track that wouldn't work with E-40? I always want to make my tracks sound authentic.

"I guess in the past people have said I was taking more of an intellectual approach to the hip-hop I made and really putting my personality all over it, which I feel is absolutely valid. But with this album they were hit full force with uncompromising rap and I think even for a lot of people who listen to my stuff and say they like rap, it was more than they could take. Again, there were a lot of my fans waiting for me to do Endtroducing Part Two and this was my way of saying that's never going to happen."

The Less You Know, The Better (2011)
"I think this new album is just beautiful, frankly. The feedback I've had from other artists so far has really validated everything I've tried to do on the record. That means a lot to me. I mean, as an outsider of sorts, what I'm looking for is to appeal to the minds of people, and have them accept what I've done. I don't put out a record every year so I can see what others are doing and learn from that and see things that are happening. So I feel that a good record from me never defines 2011 -- it should be totally timeless and be able to live in any era. I think I've done that with this one. It's different at times, like it features Little Dragon -- and when I realized that I actually met the lead singer three years ago I was kicking myself for not being up on them earlier! -- but I don't think it's a huge departure from anything I've ever done. And I think my fans who have been there since Endtroducing will really like this one."

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