BAM Magazine Is Coming Back -- As a Website

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BAM's July 7, 1978 issue
​Remember BAM? If you followed By Area music between, oh, 1976 and 1999, you probably read it all the time. And if you didn't, you'll get a chance to -- there's a revived version coming to the web in a couple of weeks.

Some background: BAM was a free biweekly print mag focusing on Bay Area music (hence the title) and later the state as a whole. Along with club and concert listings, it carried features and reviews on mostly rock and pop, but with some other genres thrown in. In the '80s, the publication expanded to Southern California -- publishing two separate editions -- and reached a circulation high of 130,000 (if Wikipedia, citing a Chronicle story we can't find, is to be believed.)

The paper also put on the Bammies, a local music awards ceremony that longtime Chronicle critic Joel Selvin remembers as a big deal in the '80s, and an increasingly lesser deal thereafter. (Once it apparently featured Michael Bolton performing onstage with Chris Isaak and John Fogerty, which -- well, we just hope everyone had had a lot of champagne by that point.)

But, suffering the same fate as many local music weeklies (which used to be common in big cities), BAM expired in 1999. Now, it's coming back-- although of course, not on dead trees.

Instead, BAM will return as a website, with online listings of shows happening all over the Bay Area, a weekly newsletter, and "celebrity" blogs from the likes of KMEL DJ Chuy Gomez, KBLX's Sterling James, KRTY's Nate Deacon, DJ Mark Angelo, and others. will be run by BAM's original publisher, Dennis Erokan, who founded the paper in 1976. Online publication is scheduled to begin Sept. 15.

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