CNN Accidentally Airs a Lil B Song During a News Report (But it Was Fake)

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"Ladies and gentlemen, we regret to inform you that we have just subjected you to the music of the Based God."

Update: It was a fake!

Earlier tonight, we posted about what appeared to be a clip of CNN airing Berkeley rapper Lil B's "Wonton Soup" over a regular news segment of a 103-year-old female driver.

Turns out the clip wasn't real -- it appears to have been a marketing stunt.

The actual CNN clip (from 2010) is here, sans "Wonton Soup" -- although CNN's Kyra Phillips did apologize for the song played during the segment.

Original post: Say what you will about Lil B -- it may be that his powers of infiltration know no limits.

Consider this: Today, CNN accidentally played a clip of the Berkeley rapper's "Wonton Soup" during a run-of-the-mill news item about a 103-year-old Pennsylvania woman who still drives.

Yup, it was pretty much as funny as it sounds -- as was CNN anchor Kyra Phillips having to apologize for the error.

"Obviously, it was the wrong music that aired," Phillips said a few minutes later. "It was a terrible mistake. And we're working very hard to make up for it."

Now how did CNN mess that up? We have no idea -- and the network didn't explain. But it was kind of appropriate that the part of the song they aired had to do with cars (and the lady's Caddy was pretty damn swaggin'):

Considering the previous powers of Lil B fans to stick a pro-Based God message where it might not belong, we're not surprised. Next up: Fox News?

Update: Here's the clip CNN actually aired in May 2010:

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Different Fur
Different Fur

Lil B is a marketing genius. ps: (rumor has it this is a fake that he made and posted)

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